the only emotion

the only emotion

people can feel millions of emotions, or only one. this is a point of view. depends on how detailed you are. if we would say people feel only one emotion and all emotions are just a variation of this emotion than this emotion would be fear.

fear stimulates aggression and sexual desire and everything else. love is also a strange, messed up, form of fear. love is perverted fear. fear being so raw and simple.

when i spoke to andy about this show he asked me to do it for free and i said i do not work for free. we got into some retarded mongoloid dispute. he kept trying to explain some philosophy of his which i did not care about and i guess i did the same. whatever...

it became clear to me that men have fights because they can not have sex. andy liked this idea and it gave me some points with him.

but this theory can be applied only to heterosexual men as homosexual men can have sex with other men. homosexual men still fight which means not everything is black and white. eureka! there is a lot energy that comes out of fear and is distributed between millions of different activities. sometimes there is fighting, sometimes there is love, sometimes there is sex.

it is interesting that actually all we feel all the time, our entire lives, is just fear. be it one form or the other, it is always just fear.

fear of aliens, jews and andy not paying me?

this text that i have written so far, it can not be interesting by itself. it is only a piece of raw data. it is only research which needs to be processed and made into something more interesting. this speculative idea of fear being the only emotion.

when i actually become a good writer, maybe few decades from now, i will use this research in only one sentence of thousands of sentences that will make my book. it will be so rich because it will be a culmination of all my research like the above text is.

this is what writing is about. i guess... doing research and than making it interesting enough for as many people possible. scientists also do research but, oposite to writers, try to make their reports as boring and useless as possible. writers and artists have to make something useful for an every day person.